Mountainfilm in Aspen presents On the Wall Shorts: An Evening of Climbing Adventure

December 12, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
Wheeler Opera House
$15. Special price for Wins members.
Mountainfilm in Aspen presents On the Wall Shorts: An Evening of Climbing Adventure @ Wheeler Opera House

Featuring award-winning short films, On the Wall Shorts takes you higher than ever with a series of films focusing on the wild spirit of rock climbing. Special guest, professional climber Matt Segal, from the film Boys and Bugs and Freedom of the Wheels will do a Q&A following the film.

About the Films:

Brette (11 min.)
After completing a number of bold first ascents and free solos at her home base in Squamish, British Columbia, rock climber Brette Harrington expands her range on a yearlong road trip. “It’s so exciting finding your own way up and solving puzzles along the way,” she explains with the same casual, undaunted and bubbly nature that she employs to tackle brand-new disciplines and some of the West’s rowdiest lines.

Young Guns (28 min.)
Teenagers Ashima Shiraishi and Kai Lightner met in 2014 at the Ring of Fire climbing competition. They were each the youngest of their genders — going head to head with adults. And they both won. That set the standard for everything that’s since unfolded as Shiraishi and Lightner have repeatedly crushed expectations and the competition. “They represent the future of climbing, and the question is, where are they going to take it?” says Meagan Martin, a fellow pro climber. Young Guns hints at the answer as it follows the two climbers around the world, from a V15 boulder in Japan to Thor’s Hammer in Norway. To watch Shiraishi and Lightner climb is to watch art ascend.

Boys in the Bugs (18 min.)
Who needs coaches, fad diets or training regimens when you’ve got guts, spirit and whisky? That’s the attitude of Matt Segal and Will Stanhope, professional climbers and subjects of Boys in the Bugs, who set out to climb one of the most difficult 5.14 cracks in the world: The Tom Eagan Memorial Route in British Columbia’s Bugaboos. What they lack in self-discipline, they make up in endurance as season after season passes without success. The film crew gives up. Crowds watch in amusement. And the duo has to find demoralizing work in the campground. But they stay with it, proving that perseverance — and pain — pay off in the end.

Honnold Solos Lover’s Leap (2 min.)
In the classic 1997 film Masters of Stone 4, Dan Osman blew minds when he raced up a route on Lover’s Leap in California sans rope in only 4 minutes and 25 seconds. A quarter century later, Alex Honnold set out to break that record. Yeah, it’s an ad for Stride Health. But it’s still pretty metal.

The Hanging (15 min.)
You’ve probably seen the photos: click-bait on social media portraying a Russian kid in selfies, perched perilously, crazily, on top of building towers and cranes or hanging one-handed from ledges. Meet 19-year-old Kirill. The architecture-obsessed Moscow resident eschewed the typical path of college and armed forces for a life of urban exploration. His objectives: the rooftops of Moscow, where he pushes the boundaries of risk and exposure while exploring the wilder side of his city. Atop the buildings, cranes and the city’s highest points, he gains a perspective few of his fellow city dwellers will ever encounter.

Freedom of the Wheels: For Matt and Will Every Adventure is a No Brainer (19 min.)
Professional climber Matt Segal is in a slump and needs something to shake him out of it. The solution: a two-stroke scooter, his climbing partner Will Stanhope and a harebrained mission — to tandem ride the scooter 200 miles to Aspen, Colorado, to send an ice climb in the middle of winter. In this ode to the cinematic classic Dumb and Dumber, Segal and Stanhope take on snowy conditions, sketchy mountain passes, thick traffic and their own friendship. Will they survive? As one says, “You gotta keep scootering, until you get taken out by a semi…”